The monumental socio-economic development and rapid market growth, in recent times has thrust the accounting and finance component of an organization to a diverse realm of activities far removed from the traditional framework of accounting and book-keeping. Thus re-inventing accepted norms and demanding pro-active and dynamic solutions to address a multitude of challenges.

Accounting Consultancy & Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, (ACSPL), was incorporated in September 2005 as a multi-faceted outsource solutions provider fully equipped to confront the growing demand for professional outsourcing. Since the inception, ACSPL has successfully served a broad spectrum of clients, both local and international, in a wide range of industries and sectors.

ACSPL offers clients a comprehensive suite of services structured to cover the entire gamut of accounting activities, thus allowing the client freedom to channel their focus towards the core competencies of their business resulting in value optimization.
Core Business
Many organizations now embrace finance outsourcing as a springboard towards attaining performance improvement within the company and refining their market competitiveness. It is thus a common place for company’s to incorporate finance outsourcing as an integral component in the formulation of their overall strategic plans.

Any organization that considers outsourcing a key element to success is a progressive forward thinking establishment and by outsourcing the accounting and finance functions, either partially or entirely, stands to accrue host of multi-faceted benefits encompassing various dimensions of their business activities. The more immediate and visible benefits to the organization would be in terms of the substantial cost savings accruing to the organization having been released from the constraints of maintaining, training and retaining an in-house team. Further benefits would ensure owing to the extensive knowledge and the comprehensive, dedicated resource pool of the outsource partner.

ACSPL is YOUR outsource partner!!!

We have transformed the scope of outsourcing through continuously remodeling the traditional platform to adapt to diverse markets and varying client requirements. Therefore, at ACSPL, we are driven to focus on “What we can do for you”, thereby empowering you to correlate the strategic activities of your organization, with the aim of fulfilling your mission!!!
Why Chose us?
At ACSPL, striving to provide superlative solutions to all our clients outsourcing needs, is paramount. Our professionalism and dedication is ideally embodied in our team, which comprises of a group of highly skilled accounting professionals, with multiple academic achievements at the highest levels in CIMA, ICASL and ACCA.

We retain the finest talent in the industry to enable us to deliver an unsurpassed service to our clients.