our products and services
At MSLCS, we firmly believe in offering a comprehensive suite of IT applications and resources, which integrate with our clients operational functions and effortlessly translate into multiple levels of organizational success for the client organization.

Our services range from IT Consultancy Services, Bureau Services and IS Auditing, to designing and developing tailor-made software solutions as per the dictates of the client.

Our software design process strictly adheres to the industry norms as detailed by the Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM) and Object Oriented Methodology Standards in software engineering. We also continuously evaluate current industry trends which are incorporated in our design process as appropriate. RDBMS and Structured Query Languages (SQL) are some of the recent changes that MSLCS has adopted.

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  • Finance & Accounting
    1. Portfolio Management system
    2. Investor Registration and Service Solution for Unit Trust Fund Operation
    3. Integrated Financial and Accounting Module
  • Human Resource Management
    1. Payroll Management
    2. HR Management
  • Utility Billing & Recoveries

  • IT Consultancy
  • Software Development
  • ERP Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance on both hardware and software
  • Database Management
  • IT Outsourcing and Bureau Services

Our expertise in technology includes the following
  1. Use of ORACLE, SQL Base, SQL Server or any other RDBMS products
  2. Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) support
  3. Operating System Support of WINDOWS NT/2000/Xp for personal computers
  4. Support of Network Operating Systems such as Windows NT/2000/2003
  5. Web enabling development in VB.net
  6. Report generating using Crystal Reports V 10